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Warm weather is officially here and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your landscaping, both structurally and aesthetically, to enhance your curb appeal. While some of the maintenance can be handled on your own, a commercial landscape company can help elevate the appearance—and value—of your commercial property.

5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Commercial Property This Spring

1. Fix Any Drainage Issues

Drainage issues can damage grass and foliage by causing root rot, and heavy foot traffic on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction. Water that sits close to your building’s foundation is cause for concern, as it can seep in and create cracks, and of course, standing bodies of water attract mosquitoes.

An experienced landscaper can help evaluate your site and make recommendations such as:

  • Improve soil permeability, and introduce new elements of topography designed to stem the flow of water
  • Create a rain garden to absorb runoff and excess rainwater
  • Introduce organic matter and sand into the soil to improve drainage and break up clay found in moist soils
  • Introduce more low-growing plants that are adapted to wet soils

2. Consider Adding Mulch

Springtime is an ideal time to spread a new layer of mulch, which is a blend of organic products such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and shredded bark. Mulch can:

  • Help retain soil moisture
  • Suppress weed growth
  • Helps moderate soil temperature
  • Improve the soil’s nutrient content and texture once it decomposes

3. Update Your Landscaping

Maintaining an attractive landscape and exterior is vital for commercial properties because it creates an excellent first impression, and can attract more customers and tenants. A professional landscaper can help you update the look of your commercial grounds with elements, including:

  • Areas of shade and seating for rest.
  • A variety of trees and shrubs to ensure your grounds look attractive year-round
  • Natural materials such as bark and rocks for visual interest
  • Create or improve walking pathways lined with flowers
  • Redesign the layout with sustainable landscape practices that help conserve water and energy, and require less maintenance

4. Remove Outdated Landscaping Features

Removing older features like sprinklers and incandescent lighting can save you money on your monthly utility bills. Older sprinklers tend to use more water and often need repairs. Today’s smart irrigation systems have rainwater detectors to allow sprinklers to conserve water after a rainfall. And if you haven’t made the switch to LED lighting yet, any professional landscaper will encourage you to.

5. Add a Splash of Color

A beautiful landscape is not complete without a little color. Landscape design specialists can recommend flowering plants that complement your business environment. Seasonal displays may include beautiful arrangements of bromeliads, kalanchoe, poinsettias and mums among other available flowering plants.

Consult With Jersey Landscaping, Your Local Commercial Landscaper

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