landscape-maintenance-servicesLandscapers Servicing Residential and Commercial Properties

Landscape maintenance services can often be time consuming for homeowners and business owners, so let our NJ landscapers  handle your landscape maintenance needs.

Driving through any neighborhood, you can always spot the one beautiful home that looks nothing less than perfect. And businesses that hire professional property maintenance services tend to increase the overall value of the neighborhood, by encouraging other to upgrade their landscaping — and by deterring crime.

We strive to make all our clients’ properties look this way. At Jersey Landscaping, LLC we offer the most simplistic maintenance contract so that you can focus on enjoying the outdoor spaces we create for you, rather than worry about what’s in the fine print. We break down our contracts for property maintenance services into sections:

  • Lawn Maintenance, to maintain the look and feel you want
  • Chemicals that keep your landscape fresh
  • Aerating & Seeding lawns, flowerbeds and gardens
  • Landscape Maintenance & Flowers that make your home or business really pop
  • Irrigation services that keep your space healthy without draining your wallet or the environment
  • Aeration
  • Spring Landscape Cleanup
  • Summer Landscape Cleanup
  • Fall Landscape Cleanup
  • Winter Landscape Cleanup

We provide only the services that you want and need, and which work best for you, our valued client.

Landscape Maintenance Services for Your Property Designed to Fit your Budget

In our more than 40 years of dedicated attention, we’ve learned that not all residential and commercial landscape companies offer the same level of service. But at Jersey Landscaping, LLC, we take our cues from you. If you’re looking for long-term NJ property maintenance, we work with you to create a plan that stays within your budget for the entire span of your contract. If you want a more basic plan that you can manage yourself, our NJ landscape designers will not only start you off right: we’ll give you the tools to keep your space maintained and looking beautiful for years to come.

Not all residential and commercial landscaping companies in New Jersey are up to the task of working in your town. At Jersey Landscaping, LLC we strive to be the best. For more information about our landscape property maintenance services, fill our our web form or call us at  732-462-4289.