landscape-designerLight Up your Fall Landscaping

As summer comes to an end, you don’t have to lose the use and beauty of your landscape as the sun sets earlier in the fall. By carefully placing accent lights and path lights, you can show off your outdoor environment when the sun goes down while highlighting important architectural features that may otherwise go unnoticed. When professionally designed and installed by outdoor lighting design company Jersey Landscaping, fall landscaping lighting adds a new dimension to your home or business. The darkness, which hides your landscaping and building, is replaced with warmth, balance and elegance. And functionally, your pathways and driveways can be illuminated to create ease, safety and night-time mobility.

Night lighting is the final touch of class enriching your pool, your garden beds, patios, decks, walkways, driveways, or to accentuate a particular part of your home or office. Our specialty is creative landscape outdoor lighting designs that illuminate and enhance all types of landscape architecture. Our landscape lighting design elegantly transforms your home or business into a magnificent showpiece. Because at the end of the day, we want your investment to be enjoyed by you as well as anyone who views it.

Whatever you want to highlight, consider these outdoor lighting design options:

  • Up-lighting to illuminate architectural and landscape elements
  • Spot lighting to illuminate specific objects
  • Area lighting on lawns, gardens or play areas
  • Shadowing and silhouetting to accentuate the shape of architectural features and designs
  • Pathway lighting for safe and beautiful walking areas
  • Staircase lighting to improve visibility and safety of steps
  • Wall-wash lighting to highlight the texture of wall surface
  • Security lighting to illuminate darker or less visible areas
  • Water and pond lighting

Equally important to the strategic placement of your lighting is the quality of the fixtures, transformers and bulbs, as well as the warranty that comes with them. Jersey Landscaping is not only knowledgeable in landscape design but also committed to quality and environmental sustainability. To learn more, see photos and schedule a landscape outdoor lighting design consultation, call us today.

Whatever your New Jersey landscaping needs may be, Jersey Landscaping, can provide you with creative and innovative landscape designs implemented by our professional staff that will surely make your property a work of art.

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