Jersey Landscaping is a landscape design/build company with more than Forty years of experience in the business. We design and install quality landscapes that improve with maturity.

Landscaping is about creating sacred spaces, a sanctuary surrounding your home. Sound landscaping also adds actual value to your home. It provides structure, comfortable enclosure and privacy, enhancing desirable views and screening unwanted ones. Building a garden is to create a living, dynamic ecosystem, which will change and develop its own identity as it matures. You and nature will fill it with life. Attracting desirable wildlife, such as birds, may be a goal.

The best way to approach a landscape installation is to start with a comprehensive plan. A landscape design will provide the framework or structure for the garden and let you determine good features, problems and ideas on paper. This will enable you to avoid costly changes later on and also to closely determine the estimated cost of the project. If desired, you can then install the garden in phases. The objective for the landscape is to blend with your home and its surroundings, be functional and aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound.

When designing and developing a landscape, thorough planning is well worth the time and effort and will make the subsequent installation easier and more enjoyable.

Materials and plants can be procured in advance, and an estimate of the cost of the project prepared. Think about what features or plants you are especially drawn to. Peruse magazines, gardening shows, neighbors’ or friends’ landscapes, attend gardening lectures and classes. This will give you an idea what you want and visualize for your landscape. A landscape designer will be able to assist you, but this is your garden and it should reflect your taste and ideals. A landscape is a prudent investment, which should be well thought out and planned with care.

The following questions were created to achieve a landscape design, which fits your needs and expectations and suits your family. A design transforms your dreams and visions for your landscape into a realistic, tangible format. While not all may be practical, as many of your desired elements as possible will be incorporated in your landscape design. Not all questions may pertain to you, and you are free to leave out the ones which do not apply.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above questions. Your assistance will greatly aid in developing a custom landscape design just right for you and your site.

When you have finished the questionnaire, please return it to us. We can provide you with a copy of it if you wish. We look forward to working with you and creating your very own garden paradise.


Jersey Landscaping