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It’s always sad to see summer go, but as it does, you can start thinking about some fall landscape projects to tackle this year. Fall is prime time to prep your yard for the next growing season and to consider installing new hardscape design elements. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.

From Clearing Debris to Setting Up Landscape Lighting—Here’s Your Fall Landscaping Checklist

Tackle Clean Up First
Before you start thinking about any design plans like landscape lighting, and after you’ve done a final mow, clear out the debris. Remove any dead branches, spent stems and fallen leaves to protect your landscape’s overall health for the spring. Make it easier to transport debris and fallen leaves by raking them onto a plastic tarp. Also be sure to trim any dead tree limbs, which can succumb to winter weather, endangering you and your home.

Plant New Shrubs
Consider planting new shrubs in early fall to give your plants a head-start at establishing roots during the season’s cool, moist soil.

Prune Perennials
For healthier spring beds, add pruning to your list of landscape projects. Get rid of tired annuals, along with the slugs and snails that feed on them, which breed in fall. Trim perennial foliage down to the ground to deliver more energy to the roots, for next year.

Drain Drip Systems
Don’t let standing water freeze and crack your drip-irrigation tubing. For simple systems, blow the water out to avoid uprooting the entire system down the road.

Consider an Outdoor Lighting Set Up
A professionally designed outdoor lighting set up can let you enjoy your yard longer as the days get shorter. Plus, it makes the whole space safer.

Work with the Pros
As fall grows nearer, you can make your landscape projects a whole lot easier on yourself by hiring a professional landscape design company. Experts can provide guidance on everything from lawn care to planting and landscape lighting. Meet with your local company today!