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It’s time we faced the truth when it comes to our yards: bigger isn’t always better. There’s a lot to be said for a small yard. Landscape designers will tell you that just because you don’t have a lot of acreage doesn’t mean you can let your yard go to “seed,” so to speak So if you’re worried that your yard is too small, landscape ideas and truths like the ones outlined below might help you realize the benefits of hiring a landscape designer.

Designers do research. Small yard landscapes might seem like easy DIY projects, but that’s not always the case. A good designer knows his/her clients’ areas – the soil, the rainfall, even the average temperature. So while small space landscaping in NJ might not look difficult to the untrained eye, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion. It saves time and money to ask an expert whether or not a particular plant or flower will survive in the soil that surrounds your home.

Designers understand space. One common mistake homeowners make when it comes to small yard landscape projects is the assumption that plants and hardscapes need to be scaled down to look nice. While it’s true that you don’t want your home to get swallowed up by your décor, you also don’t want your stones or plants to go unnoticed. A professional designer understands the importance of balance in small space landscaping, and can help you choose pieces that help accentuate your home.

Designers like color. Many homeowners fear making their homes look too “busy,” so when they plan their small yard landscape projects, they tend to pick plants or stones that match their homes’ color schemes. But this means that your choices blend into your house – and who will notice it then? A good professional landscape designer is also an artist, and can provide excellent small landscape ideas when it comes to color palettes that complement your neighborhood.

Designers draw up plans. Ask any designer what the most important part of small space landscaping is, and I’m sure you’ll hear “Plan ahead!” Even if you have a small yard, landscape projects that aren’t carefully planned can become messy – and expensive – very quickly. Planning out where everything goes beforehand is part of a designer’s job. And because you’re there for every stage of the planning, you’ll have a pretty good idea as to what it’ll look like when it’s done.

Getting the Best in Small Space Landscaping

When it comes down to it, designing your dream space can be tricky if you’re unprepared. Small yard landscapes can be just as timely – and just as expensive – as those for a large yard if you’re inexperienced. That’s why hiring a designer is always a good idea, even for a small landscape. Ideas for small gardens, specific flowers – even delicate hardscapes – are all part of what a professional designer does best. Hiring an expert is sure to save you time, money and aggravation along the way.