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Do you love taking your kids to the park for a few games of basketball? Does your family try to fit a game of volleyball into everyone’s busy schedules? Bring that sports mentality into your own home and create more quality family time with a custom-built multi sport court.

Benefits of your Own Tennis, Volleyball, or Basketball Court in Backyard Spaces

Having your own tennis, volleyball, or basketball court in backyard areas is about more than just getting off the couch. It’s about building a place where your family can play, train, and bond. Here are just a few of the perks you can expect:

  • Know where your kids are and get to know their friends
  • Help your young athlete take their sports skill to the next level
  • Get exercise at home without the cost of a club membership
  • Durable, environmentally friendly materials
  • Little to no maintenance requirements

What to Expect From a Professional Sport Court Installation

Many professional landscaping companies have designers on staff who can create a multi sport court that fits your family and your budget. Simply tell them which sport you’re looking to play, choose your court’s dimensions, customize the flooring and colors, and even add additional elements like lighting or fencing. Choices typically include:

  • Athletic flooring:  outdoor or indoor
  • Sports components: adjustable basketball hoops, variable-height net systems, volleyball and tennis nets, sport equipment packages, rebounders
  • Lighting: light poles with LED and incandescent bulb options
  • Ball containment: wall padding, fencing
  • Court complements: batting cages, golf nets, trampolines, climbing walls

Your landscaping company likely partners with a sports surfacing company that tests their products in-house with a focus quality and safety. To be sure, ask for their certification credentials. Before long, you’ll have your own activity center at home!