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Outdoor rooms are an extension of your home—a living space where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the fresh air. As more and more homeowners discover the benefits of these outdoor escapes, new concepts and designs are coming out of the woodwork. Curious about the possibilities? Read on for some inspiration!

Types of Backyard Living Spaces

There are plenty of outdoor living setups to suit your lifestyle. Does your family enjoy cooking out? Eating a meal outdoors on a cool fall evening? Watching television or entertaining guests? It can all be done in your backyard with the right outdoor living space. Here are some great options.

Outdoor Living Rooms
Outdoor rooms are more than just patios with weather-proof lounges. Today’s outdoor rooms feature built-in seating, entertainment systems, vaulted terraces and more. Essentially, they offer everything you’d expect indoors to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard.

Outdoor Living Spaces with Fireplace
Many homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors when the temperatures start to drop. If that sounds like you, consider checking out your options in outdoor living spaces with fireplace setups. Natural stone fireplaces or fire pits can provide be fueled with wood, propane or charcoal. You have plenty of ways to create a dynamic centerpiece that keeps you warm and provides ambiance.

Outdoor Kitchens
Do you love a cookout? A custom outdoor kitchen creates a much more convenient space for wood fire cooking, grilling and barbequing. You can even add a custom pizza oven made from natural stone. Or perhaps a built-in smoker. You can even design and build an outdoor kitchen island for prepping to avoid going indoors over and over again.

Poolside Bar
If you have a pool, a wet bar installation can take entertainment to the next level. Landscape companies can help you create a built-in bar complete with a sink, cabinets, barstools and even beer taps for kegs!

Outdoor Lighting
While living spaces with fireplace installations light up the space nicely, adding exterior illumination takes it much further. Not only does this make your living space safer when the sun goes down, it makes it easier to cook a meal around the outdoor kitchen island and enjoy a late-night meal.

Every outdoor room is more enjoyable with some music or television. A professional can run wiring and install a sound system, television, projection screens and more.

With the right features, equipment and landscaping company, your backyard will become your favorite room in the house.