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Do you want to enhance your landscape with something that is beautiful no matter the season and lasts a lifetime? If so, consider rocking your outdoor environment with stone walls landscaping.

Whether you’re wrapping around a garden bed, retaining a large amount of soil or adding a decorative freestanding wall to your property, the beauty of natural stone walls is unmatched. The artful application of landscaping stone can enhance the natural elements that already exist — especially your plants or softscape. And the aesthetic and functional use of stone can even boost the value of your property.

Rock Out Your Landscape with Stone Walls

In New Jersey landscaping, stone walls can provide a depth and sophistication to your overall landscape design. Stone walls can be used to correct a steep slope or to enhance a decorative garden. Because these stone walls are sometimes used to hold back soil and rocks that might otherwise slide, a reputable NJ landscaper can ensure that your retaining walls will stand the test of time. After carefully reviewing your yard and assessing weather conditions, drainage and other factors, you can have captivating stone walls featuring structural integrity you can trust.

Before you proceed with your retaining wall installation, one of the first decisions is what material will be used. Obviously you’ll want your retaining wall to be built with a sturdy, strong material, but beyond that, your options are wide open. Natural stone is an excellent option since its weather resistant, easy to maintain and hard to destroy. Some stone, such as block stone do not need to be set in mortar. A popular choice is granite because it can withstand a great deal of weight. Limestone is a less expensive alternative to granite, and comes in a wider variety of colors. However, it is significantly weaker and therefore splits easily under heavy weights.

One of the nicest aspects of having a stone retaining wall is that your options are limited only by your imagination. Straight, curved or semi-circle. long or short, one level or several – the possibilities are endless. If you need help choosing which style you like best, contact a local NJ landscaper today for a consultation.