paver-patio-installerIt’s the fall, which means it’s time to put away your planting ideas until the spring, right? Or is it? While spring is widely recognized as the best time to plant flowers, grass and vegetables, the secret among gardeners is that planting in fall is actually the best idea.

Fall plantings provide more time and much better weather as well as a better landscape with which to work. Everyone enjoys the longer days and increasingly warmer temperatures of spring, but the more predictable—i.e. less rainy—conditions of autumn make fall plantings ideal. The lack of rain will actually extend the window with which you have to complete your fall planting.

In addition, as long as seed planting in fall happens early in the season, the seeds will have more time to settle in during the winter than they will during the spring and will grow faster once the weather warms up again. And how’s this for a benefit of fall planting: there will be fewer weeds to whack! Weed seeds are already dead by the fall, which means that if you get rid of the weeds, you can immediately plant your flowers, grass and vegetables and not have to worry about removing weeds again in a week or two.

Jersey Landscaping is ready to assist all our New Jersey clients with fall planting ideas—let us put our years of experience with planting in fall, spring and summer to turn your lawn into the best on the block year-round! For more information or to get a FREE ESTIMATE on your fall planting project in NJ, fill out our request a quote form or call us at 732-462-4289.