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Few additions spruce up a yard quite like a firepit. Whether you want to use it for cooking purposes a few times a week during the spring and summer, or just as a gathering place with friends and family during the evening, a firepit will become an immediate conversation piece that distinguishes your property from the rest of the neighborhood.

But there’s much more to a firepit than simply installing it in your existing landscape. Firepit landscapes should contain non-flammable materials, as well as plants and shrubs that don’t mind a little heat, smoke and ash every once in a while. The best firepit landscape ideas are the ones that really make the firepit “pop” and turn an attractive addition into an unforgettable one.

All ideas for firepit landscapes are based on the size of the firepit. You need to know the space you’ll have, how you want to arrange any outdoor seating and how many people you expect to entertain before settling on a landscape. Firepits should be made with the same or similar materials as the exterior of your home, so that your firepit landscape flows with the rest of the property!

All firepit landscapes must also feature fill materials that are heat absorbent. And when pondering firepit landscape ideas, remember that low hanging branches from trees that border the prospective site of your firepit, or excess brush and shrubbery, may need to be trimmed back to avoid a fire hazard.

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