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Considering some new stone landscaping ideas? Give Jersey Landscaping, LLC a call! For over 40 years we’ve been designing and building decadent bluestone walkways, patios, pavers and pool decks. We specialize in bluestone for NJ yards because it’s a local product (so it save you money on shipping), it’s a durable product (so it lasts for a long, long time), and it comes in multiple shades (so it works with every design).

  • Bluestone Walkways
  • Bluestone Patios
  • Bluestone Pavers
  • Bluestone Walls
  • Bluestone Pool Decks
  • Bluestone Water Features

Bluestone is NJ’s stone: tough and sturdy, but sleek and beautiful. A bluestone landscape is built to last, so you can enjoy your home for years to come.

Bluestone Walkways, Patios and More!

The best stone landscaping ideas are the ones that work for you. At Jersey Landscaping, LLC, we create decadent bluestone landscapes at affordable prices for any budget.

Call Jersey Landscaping, LLC today to discuss stone landscaping ideas with a professional. For more information on our designs, or to speak directly with our office about installing bluestone walkways or patios, contact us today. You can even get a FREE ESTIMATE on your landscaping project, so fill out our web form at the top of the page or call us at 732-462-4289.