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Whether you have a small backyard space or an expansive landscape, a patio designer can help you create a chic outside environment to complement your lifestyle. Check out some ways the right patio material, designs and features can take your yard to another level.  

Patio Builders Can Bring Your Vision to Life

Trends come and go in outdoor spaces, but you can make yours unique while incorporating some modern options. Here are some tips to get you thinking.

Use existing features as inspiration

When collaborating with a patio designer, you must first map out what you aren’t able to change, like any established trees and landscaping elements. Rather than seeing these things as roadblocks to vision, use them inspiration in the shaping your design.

Know the scope

It’s important to ensure the grade slopes away from your home when your patio is installed. Water will run away from your foundation instead of toward it, which can lead to moisture in your basement, and foundation problems and failure in the long run.

Utilize all the available space

Why stop at just one outdoor patio if you have the space to enjoy many? Consider one central lounging area and an al fresco dining space, all connected by contemporary stepping-stone slabs.

Go green

Choosing a more natural patio material can extend the lifespan of your space and minimize the  maintenance. Instead of building a deck or porch, design a patio using landscaping stones, brick or ceramic tile. For a contemporary twist, go with a stunning geometric tile in bright, bold colors.

Make seating easy

Built-in seating can be constructed in solid concrete and accessorized with colorful, waterproof cushions. Permanent seating structures can be used to create the perimeter of an outdoor room.

Talk to a Patio Designer Today

If you’re considering renovating your space or building a patio from scratch, it can seem overwhelming. Consult with your local patio builders and you’ll discover the possibilities are well within reach.