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Choosing exterior lighting for your property can be overwhelming. With so many types of backyard lights available, it’s not easy to know what will look good while adding an element of safety to your landscape. Your best bet is to work with a landscape lighting company  with experts that can offer insight and knowledge, but in the meantime, we’ve compiled tips to consider.

What to Look for in Custom Outdoor Lighting

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When it comes to custom outdoor lighting, you should focus on what you’re trying to highlight, as well as safety and security.

What  are you trying to highlight?

A big part of exterior lighting is the chance to shine a spotlight on specific features. Do you have a statue in your yard that draws attention? Do you want to focus on elements of your house? Do you want to light up colorful plants in your garden? Here are some tips based on your focus:

Statues or Fountains

Spotlights are the perfect choice to highlight statues and fountains. They create a silhouette effect with a halo of light surrounding while keeping the center dark. The interplay with light and dark creates a beautiful aesthetic that draws the eye.

Plants and Gardens

When it comes to backyard lights for gardens and plants, less is more. Overlighting will make your plants look washed out and unhealthy. Small uplights place the focus on main features, like blooms or leaves. Adding lights to the center of the foliage of trees or bushes allows light to filter through for an illusion that the plant is growing.

Pathways and Driveways

You can help ensure the safety and security of your property by lighting up the driveway and any pathways. Custom outdoor lighting will help keep walkers aware of terrain changes to reduce the risk of an accident.


Want to focus on stonework? Install outdoor lamps or lanterns to cast a soft, subtle glow. The starlight effect from the stone will sparkle, especially in the case of water features which will reflect the light.

Exterior House

Make your home more secure by adding exterior lights to your doors and walls. Choose wall-mounted lights or mount floodlights on the eaves and direct them at your walls on an angle. The even, smooth shine will remove potential blind spots, which is essential for deterring burglars.

Hire a Landscape Lighting Company

It’s best to work with a professional landscape lighting company when designing a plan for your property. With a variety of options available in color temperature, energy efficiency and automation, experts can be the guide you need to transform your landscape into a nighttime masterpiece.