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If you’re thinking about making hardscaping your landscape spotlight, you’re making a wise decision. If you partner with an outdoor lighting professional from the moment that idea strikes, you’re making an even better decision!

Benefits of Working with a Hardscape Lighting Professional

An outdoor kitchen, seating area or pergola are beautiful additions to any landscape, but shining a light on them makes them even more special. Not only will hardscape lighting showcase the beauty of the design, it will add a touch of ambiance and safety to your environment.

Whether it’s some simple retaining wall lights or a sprawling installation, you can incorporate lighting at any time with minimally invasive strategies. But the truth is, it’s most efficient to incorporate lighting at the start of construction of any new build. Working with a hardscape lighting expert from the start of the project limits the invasiveness of the lighting system and ensures it doesn’t disturb existing hardscaping.

There are a variety of examples of how collaboration makes a project more successful:

Have your lighting expert pre-run lines into the posts before installing finishing pieces like post moldings or decking.

Your hardscaping company can install a PVC chase-way under the pathway.

Retaining Wall Lights:
Avoid drilling through a brand-new structure by incorporating lighting from the start of a project.

Reduce installation time by running lines up a column before the column is set.

If you’re considering a hardscape or landscape spotlight project, consult with a professional. Getting them involved in the planning stage ensures lighting is going in at the right time in the right way!