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There are two extremely important decisions you must make if you decide to build your own house or remodel an existing home to suit your needs: where to build it—and how to landscape it. You can always modify your landscape, but the decisions you make in planning it will give your lawn an indelible look and make a permanent impression upon neighbors and guests alike.

Well-Planned Landscape Design

When planning your landscape, you want to make sure it is one you’ll want to keep for decades and decades. Plus, you’ll want to ensure it is as sturdy as possible. Before you even put a shovel into the ground, contact your local utility company to find out if there are dangers such as cable, gas or electrical lines buried deep beneath your property. Nothing will bring your enthusiasm to a screeching halt quite like finding these lines the hard way once you’ve already started digging.

Evaluating the land and determining how well—or poorly—it drains is also essential. Contractors can tell you if you need to modify your land by grading it, building retaining walls or importing some fill or soil.

Once the tedious yet essential prep work is done, you can get to the fun stuff—planting trees and plants! You should conduct some long-term planning here as well, though, particularly to find out just how big your trees will grow. Make sure the tree that you envision as providing a little shade in the corner of the yard doesn’t cast a giant shadow over the entire house. Trimming trees and plants is not nearly as enjoyable as planting them.

The right landscape design can add immeasurable value and enjoyment to your home for years to come. Be cautious and thorough in your planning and your property will be something you can be proud of forever.

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