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You may not think winter isn’t the time to think about landscaping, but there are so many options to make your yard look beautiful despite the cold. Many NJ plants thrive in the colder temperatures and as long as you know how to care for them, you’ll have a winter wonderland.

Plants and Trees Native to New Jersey Winters

Many flowers, shrubs and trees are most attractive when displayed against a background of snow. In NJ, these include:


The Christmas or Lenten rose provides evergreen foliage in the midst of winter. These add a touch of green and pink to your flowerbeds, although other varieties bloom in different colors such as lavender, white, and even black.

Shrubs and Trees Native to New Jersey

You’ll find the most benefit by choosing blooming winter flowers that contrast with lush evergreen trees. A native white pine is perfectly suited for this purpose. Other native NJ plants you’ll want to include in your winter landscape design are chokeberry plants and Japanese andromeda – perfect for landscaping for winter.

Blue Speedwell

This stunning cobalt-blue flower makes an excellent ground cover. It blooms beginning in late February and thrives all winter long.

Weeping Willow

One of the fast growing trees to choose is the Weeping Willow, believed to be the earliest detectors of spring as they typically begin to show yellow and green blooms as early as February. They’re also perfect for wet areas in a yard or near ponds and lakes. If you’re looking for trees native to New Jersey, this is the one.

Winter Jasmine

One of the most beloved NJ plants, this shrub of lovely vines with golden yellow blooms does well during winter in New Jersey. It produces blue berries that, when combined with the golden yellow flowers, make for a festive holiday season. In fact, it looks much like a holly plant.


What is winter without the bright red berries and evergreen leaves adorning holly plants? Incorporate these in your NJ landscaping for winter and it will feel like the holidays every time you look out the window.