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When you’re selling your home, you want to make sure it’s seen in the best light. That’s why a landscape makeover or update is a must! From simple horticultural touches to more design-heavy hardscape elements, you can turn your property into a magnet for buyers. Here’s how.

Selling a Home Tips for Landscaping

Clean Up Landscape Areas
It might seem to be one of the simpler selling a home tips, but cleaning up your landscape is always the first step. Any children’s toys, tools or debris that are floating around the yard should be tended to the moment you put your home on the market.

Add Colorful Flowers
Once you clean up landscape areas, look carefully at the space. Nobody wants to see a dull, lifeless landscape when they walk in and out of their home. Colorful flowers can provide a warm and welcoming feel to any outdoor space. Your landscape designer can help you choose your annuals, biennials and perennials.

Keep Your Lawn Lush
If you wanted to keep things even simpler than planting new flowers, regular maintenance of your lawn can transform your backyard. A neatly edged lawn along a sidewalk or driveway is always an elegant touch.

Curb Your Landscape
For some added precision or separation from your yard and walkway, driveway or house, curbing is a great addition to your landscape makeover. Incorporating a decorative border with brick, pavers can add a flare to your yard with minimal effort.

Add Landscape Lighting
Summers should be spent outside, but if you don’t have enough lighting around the house, it’s impossible to enjoy your lovely backyard at night. A source of light for your front and back yards is a must for aesthetics as well as safety.

Contact Your Real Estate Agent
If you’ve built an outdoor kitchen, installed a patio or added walkways, you’ll want to contact your real estate agent. Those additions will likely increase your home value, and that’s an important factor for the listing price.

Your landscape design company can help you with all the logistics, so you don’t have to make any big decisions on your own. Be sure to loop them in.