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The temperatures are cooling down and snow won’t be far behind, so why would you start thinking about next year’s backyard landscape design? So, you can enjoy it when spring comes, of course!

The best time to plan for your landscaping shrubs and other backyard design elements is when you have the time to do it. Now is the time to sit back and strategize to make the most of next year’s lawn and landscape projects.

Set the Stage for Backyard Living

Now is the best time to work with your local landscape professional to set the stage for a healthy spring environment. With the expertise and knowledge of a professional, you’ll be well on your way to getting a thriving landscape before you know it.

First things first. Find the right professional landscape company.

Achieving quality lawn care and choosing beautiful landscape shrubs can be challenging if you go it alone. If you’re in New Jersey, for instance, a simple web search for landscaping company near Monmouth Country would bring up many reputable choices. Word of mouth, reviews, and simply driving around looking for properties that pique your interest are other great ways to take your spring landscaping projects to new heights.

Be prepared when you meet with a landscape professional.

The very-first conversations you have with your landscape company are essential for creating a beautiful outdoor space. Consider preparing questions in advance of your first meeting, such as:

  • What about backyard living is important to you? You don’t need to know every detail, but you should have a broad understanding of what you want. Do you entertain? Need space to garden or create a quiet place to relax? Envision how you plan to use your space and a professional can help make it a reality.
  • What plants, trees and landscaping shrubs are best for your property? They’re all essential to any landscape project. Determine what you’d like to see in your space every day. If you don’t know, visit your local greenhouse or nursery for inspiration and gain a better understanding of native plants that thrive in your environment.
  • How much lawn care is needed? Whether or not you have hundreds of acres of land, a healthy lawn sets the foundation for a beautiful landscape. Your lawn care professional can review with you how to grow and maintain a lawn through all the seasons. They’ll help you decide whether mowing, fertilization, irrigation, weed control and aeration should be included in your lawn care program.

Backyard Landscape Design: Get Ready for Next Year

The start of fall and the long winter months are the perfect time to formalize your plans for a gorgeous backyard landscape design. Your local professional can help you create and achieve your vison. Start planning today and your yard will benefit from your preparation.