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Don’t let your beautiful landscape disappear after dark. As you gaze out into your yard, your landscape designs, including gardens, walkways and fire pits, should be highlighted with outdoor illumination.  At Jersey Landscaping, we harness the power of LED landscape lighting to showcase your efforts, while providing a safe and illuminated environment for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Looking to add some drama with your landscape with outdoor illumination? Whether your main goal is safety or style, lighting up your walkways can lead the way and highlight your beautiful landscaping elements. Let Jersey Landscaping shine a spotlight on a tree or other backyard focal point with professional up-lighting techniques that accentuate the texture of the tree trunk or the gorgeous glow of the foliage. And enjoy peace of mind knowing your outdoor space is well-lit for safety.

If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of your property at night with your family or friends, outdoor illumination should be on the top of your list for design lighting plans. How about low-voltage, high-impact LED landscape lighting? Or perhaps some soft and subtle lights to make your plants stand out? You can brighten a shady bend along a walkway with low-cost lighting that will also highlight your landscape features.

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The fact is, your options for traditional and LED landscape lighting are endless. As you start your design lighting plans, partner with the professionals at Jersey Landscaping. We’ll find the best way to meet—and exceed—your needs on budget.