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If you design outdoor lighting in NJ, it’s easy to forget just how dark it can get. After all, the sun shines brightly during most of the year, right? But if you’re a fan of night swimming or roasting marshmallows, then the outdoor lighting ideas created by Jersey Landscaping, LLC can help you maximize your use of your yard. The most popular landscape lighting designs use different types of lights for different forms of illumination.

• Up-lights: Lights placed low to the ground and aimed up
• Solar Lights: A greener option that relies on the sun for power
• Path Lights: Like up-lights, they’re use to light paths for safety
• Post/Street Lamps: Taller lamps modeled after commercial street lamps to create more illumination
• LED: An energy efficient lighting system that comes in a variety of styles

We Design Outdoor Lighting for NJ Homes

Lighting landscape designs can create ambiance and keep you safe. Jersey Landscaping, LLC has been designing outdoor lighting for NJ customers for over 35 years. So whether you’re looking to light up a pathway or keep burglars at bay, our contractors and designers can give you the perfect amount of light for your home and yards.

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