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The benefits of a beautiful landscape cannot be disputed: it makes your home lovelier and more valuable on the market. Outdoor lighting installation can enhance that landscape even more through the effects of shadows, spots and up-lighting. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that enhancements such as these not only look pretty – they’re good for the home, too. Furthermore, Landscape lighting installation boosts the beauty of existing landscape designs without hurting your wallet.

• Accentuating the Positive: A well-conceived outdoor lighting design focuses on the best parts of your yard. Your designer can emphasize the natural contours of your property, light up blooming flower beds – even add ambiance to structures like gazebos and porches. If you’re happy with your current landscape, the lighting installation will accentuate what you love best.

• Adding Distinction: Proper landscape lighting installation can blend into the background or create a focal spot for your yard. With so many styles of lighting fixtures to choose from, your designer can create an outdoor lighting design that “flows” with your already-existing architecture. A more traditional design may implement antique-looking street lamps, while a more modern yard may benefit from hidden up-lights. Outdoor lighting installation may also encourage neighbors to remodel their own yards, which increases property values for the neighborhood as a whole.

• Increasing Security: One of the hidden benefits of landscape lighting installation is safety. By strategically placing lights in the darker corners of your yard, you’re ensuring the protection of your family and property while bringing out the natural beauty of your land. It discourages mischief, so to speak, which keeps your home looking its best – and keeps your community safer all around.

• Keeping it Green: Conserving energy is important to all of us. Thankfully, landscape lighting installation doesn’t mean running up the electric bill. Most outdoor lighting designs implement low-voltage systems, which keeps your energy costs low. Solar lights add to the beauty of your property for minimal purchase costs. But you can also ask for “up-cycled” or recycled light fixtures. Such fixtures are popular with more modern homes, and they add an old-world feel to traditional landscape. Plus, lighting installation costs are usually no different than the costs of using newer pieces.

• Maintaining Market Value: Whether you’re in the beginning stages of homeownership or in the house of your dreams, you want your property to keep its worth. Professional landscape lighting installation increase the value of your home, which attracts potential buyers to your neighborhood.

Outdoor Lighting Design

There are tremendous benefits to adding outdoor lighting. Installation should be done by professionals, however, if you plan on tapping into exiting electric lines. A licensed contractor or landscape design company will work with you on the best outdoor lighting design for your property, which saves time and money down the road. You want to make sure you enhance your landscape, so lighting installation without planning is, to put it mildly, a bad idea. If you add too few lights, you won’t even notice – but if you add too many, you could end up needing a sleep mask at night. Ultimately, your outdoor lighting design should be one that accentuates the best parts of your property in subtle ways, and that fits the look of your home and yard.