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Life can be pretty chaotic: our jobs, our homes, and our families can make a lot of demands on our time. But one of life’s most soothing resources can be found right in your own backyard. Landscapes that provide a feeling of peace and tranquility are not only beautiful – they’re good for the soul, too. And when it comes to creating a space that’s right for your needs, there are literally hundreds of backyard landscape design ideas to choose from. Why not try some of these?

Butterfly Gardens: What’s more beautiful than a butterfly? From the very beginning of their lives, butterflies remind us of renewal and rebirth – and they’re absolutely gorgeous to behold. Planting flowers and herbs (like inexpensive marigolds and oregano) can attract butterflies to your space, which makes butterfly gardens good landscaping ideas for small backyards, too.
Aroma Garden: People are very sensitive to smell – more so than you might think. (That’s why so many spa treatments involve scented water.) Those in need of inexpensive backyard landscape design ideas would do well to go for smell over sight. Lavender, jasmine and thyme make wonderful additions to backyard landscapes, and can be combined with the flowers and plants already in bloom.

Fire Pits: Not all backyard landscape design ideas have to include flowers. For those with more space, installing a fire pit is a wonderful way to create a cozy outdoor living area. Natural stones, like Bluestones, fit well with all backyard landscapes, because they can be as conspicuous or as subtle as you’d like. For those who are watching their budgets, concrete or bricks can create a more modern feel.

Water: Not everyone can have a babbling brook in their yard, but installing a fountain or koi pond is a great second choice. And because fountains and ponds come in all shapes and sizes, they’re an ideal part of landscaping ideas for small backyards. If you have more room – and more of a budget – consider hiring a contractor who can install a small waterfall in a larger pond. You may even attract birds, such as ducks and storks, looking for a quick dip (or a quick bite to eat) during their migration to other places.

Rounded Patios: Why do we always assume that patios must be square or rectangular? Most things in nature have rounded edges; maybe your backyard landscapes and hardscapes should, too. Rounded patios look best with rounded furniture, which invites intimacy and conversation. You could even install a water structure, fire pit or stone table in the center of the circle to create symmetry. For those who want to feel a little more “at one” with the world, a small Zen garden can be placed at the center of the circle or all around it.

Hedges: If you have a larger budget – and larger outdoor space – consider filling it with larger shrubs and trees. Hedges are wonderful for backyard landscape design ideas that are aimed towards creating privacy in a natural way. They create natural fencing, thus cocooning you in your outdoor living space. If you want something a little less severe for your backyard landscapes, you can use bamboo instead of trees: it’s a hearty plant that grows quickly, and can create a warm and inviting space.

Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

If you don’t have a larger yard, don’t worry: you can create some amazing backyard landscapes in smaller spaces, too. You may want to consult a contractor before you start digging up your yard, though: sometimes even the best backyard landscape design ideas can become overwhelming in smaller spaces, and sometimes smaller pieces go completely unnoticed. What’s most important about your backyard landscape’s design are ideas that work with YOU. You don’t want to choose flowers or stones that look out of place in the area where you live, so make sure to do your research before starting any project.