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A rising trend in home design over the past few years are custom fire pits. The perfect source of both ambiance and functionality, it’s hard not to love these patio favorites. Just imagine roasting marshmallows, laughing, and chatting around an outdoor fire pit with family and friends. Fire pits evoke pleasant feelings of comfort and warmth. especially when the temperatures start to cool.

If you’d like to start exploring your options, it’s important to consider a style that suits your taste and space. To offer some inspiration, we’ve pulled together some ideas based on current trends.

What to Look for in Custom Fire Pits

Type of Fuel
Propane and natural gas are two of the most common fuels used in custom fire pits. Propane can actually perform better than natural gas, making it the more cost efficient option in the long run. Other types of fuel include wood, charcoal, bio-ethanol, and gel. The bio-ethanol and gel options will be most appealing for those who don’t want a smoky fire, since these fuels do not create ash, odors, or smoke.

One of the most popular choices these days are in-ground fire pits, which emulate the way that a natural fire might look. Instead of elevated pits that rest on metal legs, the latest trends look as though they are built into the ground. These fire pits are both elegant and natural with a low height, often built with boulders around the circumference to feature natural materials in the design. Built-in seating walls go perfectly with these custom fire pits.
Fire pit tables are also on the rise because they’re great for entertaining guests and providing unique outdoor heating. This type of pit allows you and your guests to enjoy a meal and stay warm on cooler nights, simultaneously.

Fire pits are made from a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and aluminum. More recently, built-in stone and tempered glass fire pits are making their way to the top of the best trends list. These fire pits offer easy maintenance, while adding unique style to your patio. Aluminum, cast-iron, copper, and stainless steel fire pits are popular choices, being relatively low in cost and durable.
When it comes to choosing an outdoor fire pit, the material you select depends a great deal on your patio aesthetic. For a minimalist, industrial look, consider fire pits with steel bowls. A bonus of this sleek material is that everyone gathered around the bowl has access to the heat. For a more natural look to complement the woods in your backyard, teak is an excellent option. Beyond its beauty, teak is extremely durable, stable, and weather resistant.

Finally, if you’re a little unsure about what type of look you’re aiming for, consider custom fire pits made of concrete. Its natural and raw tone seamlessly integrates with all furniture settings.

Regardless of what style or material you choose, your fire pit or fire pit table is sure to be a source of warmth, both literally and figuratively. In today’s hectic world, the simple pleasure of relaxing in front of a flickering flame melts the stress away and allows your mind to unwind and recharge!

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