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For many home and business owners in NJ, lawn maintenance is a necessary part of life. Whether you hire a neighborhood kid or a lawn services company, someone has to mow the lawn and water those flowers.

At Jersey landscaping, LLC, we offer more than just basic lawn care. We are a Monmouth County landscaping design company that helps clients in and around New Jersey enhance the natural and constructed beauty of their yards. 

Our Landscape Services Go Above and Beyond

Not sure about the difference between New Jersey lawn services versus landscape design? Don’t worry! We’ve created a list for you:

Basic NJ Lawn Service:

·         Adding seed

·         Adding fertilizer or mulch to flowers

·         Watering flowers

·         Eliminating pests and weeds

Jersey Landscaping Monmouth County Landscaping Design

·         Irrigation design installation

·         Garden and water feature design and installation

·         Lighting design and installation

·         Paver design and installation

·         Patio design and installation

·         Outdoor kitchen and dining area design and installation

·         Landscape maintenance

And while landscape maintenance for New Jersey clients is certainly part of the package, you get a lot more bang for your buck when you choose landscaping over basic lawn care.

Behind the Scenes of a Professional Monmouth County Landscape Design Company

The biggest difference between hiring a Monmouth County landscaping design company and lawn care service provider is the people. Unlike lawn care companies, professional landscapers have a bevy of contractors and architects at their disposal. New design and maintenance involves:

·         Designers. The whole point of hiring a landscape designer is that you get to work with someone who can create something unique and special for you. While a lawn services company can maintain a yard, it’s the designer who unleashes its potential.

·         Installers. Design companies include the licensed contractors who help put the yard together. Whether you need an automatic sprinkler system or an extended gas line for an outdoor kitchen, the installer lays the groundwork for your new yard.

·         Local suppliers. A reputable landscape designer works with local stone and plant suppliers. By using flora found in the local environment, we create a more natural-looking and feeling design. With locally sourced stone, we can ensure your new patio and pavers hold up to elements. And best of all? It keeps your budget down, too.

New Jersey landscape maintenance isn’t always challenging, but it has a lot of “moving parts.” As the design architects, we know how each part of your landscaping is supposed to function within the whole of the design. We look at outdoor spaces and see the potential for beauty. But we also work closely with the people we serve.

Unlike NJ lawn services companies who offer you set packages, we take your vision and make it a reality. It’s about enhancing the landscape you already have or creating a new design from scratch that’s unique to your space, personality and needs.

When you’re ready for more than just a green lawn in front of your home or business in New Jersey, the landscape services of Jersey Landscaping, LLC are only a phone call away!