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Is it just us, or is pizza cooked in an old-world-style pizza oven the best kind? You can have this delicious experience anytime you by adding an outdoor pizza oven to your own backyard. This incredibly economical outdoor appliance is a great way to spend more time outside and to make any family dinner fun.

Add Homemade Pizza to Your Backyard Dining Menu

Here are a few reasons why pizza ovens are great for backyard dining and how to make the best use of one.

1. Pizza ovens just make better pizza—it’s as simple as that. Using the right flour and having the heat high allows science to take over and produce a pie that cannot be created with a conventional oven. To get the texture of the crust just right, you really need a pizza oven.

2. You can make it your way. Pizza doesn’t have to be an unhealthy meal, yet many restaurants do just that by making the crust too doughy and adding too much cheese. With a backyard pizza oven, you’ll find that you can use fewer, higher-quality ingredients to achieve better results that both taste great and are nutritious.

3. They cook more than pizza. Don’t think that this appliance is only for pizza. You can also cook meats, roasts, casserole dishes, cakes and more with this superstar!

4. It makes for a memorable family dinner. Having a pizza oven in your outdoor backyard allows you to slow down and really enjoy the process of preparing your evening meal together as a family. You can make funky, flavorful creations using ingredients that you choose yourself. Plus, you’ll enjoy the incredible scent of wood-burning fire, a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, and the promise of something exceptional to devour.

If you’d like to enhance your backyard dining with a pizza oven, you’ll find plenty of options that fit in your outdoor space. Start browsing online and meet with a professional landscaping company to see what’s possible.