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Have You Started Your Winter Landscaping Yet?

Even though it’s almost winter, your landscaping work isn’t over yet. Your plants, patios and ponds still need care, and it’s best to get to them before the cold sets in. Hiring a licensed NJ landscape architect service takes away all of the pressure of winterizing your yard, and may even save you a few bucks when spring comes back around next year.

When it comes to winter landscaping protection, you’re looking at a two-fold process. You’ll need to take care of the plants, flowers and trees in the back yard, and you’ll have to protect your outdoor patios and decks from the weather. Proper and thorough landscaping preparation is key to keeping your yard safe and beautiful all year long.

Hiring a NJ Landscape Architect Can Help

It doesn’t matter whether you created your own designs or hired a professional contractor: a NJ landscape architect is still a smart choice for protecting your outdoor space. Some of the services they provide may include:

  • Lawn care. Resist the urge to simply let your lawn “die off” during the colder months. Ask a professional to take soil samples to ensure that the PH is balanced. Your winter landscaping service should also include thatching, removing dead leaves and killing off whatever weeds are making their way up from the ground.
  • Plants. If you keep plants on your outdoor patios and decks, you can take them inside to protect them from cold snaps at night. If you have flower beds planted in your back or front yard, speak to your NJ landscape architect about using mulch. Too much can hurt the plants, and too little is useless, so it’s best to have your service apply it for you.
  • Trees. It might seem silly to water your trees, but in the later fall months it’s a smart decision. Trees can become easily damaged in the winter because they’re unable to draw water from the snow or ice. A good drink of water will help them stay healthy during the winter. You may also want to ask your NJ landscape architect to remove any low hanging or dying branches and limbs.
  • Natural materials. Most people have outdoor patios and decks made of natural materials like stone or wood. Both can become damaged by harsh weather conditions, like snow or excessive winds. It’s best to have a professional service seal your outdoor patios and decks to help them avoid cracking, splintering and discoloration.
  • Furniture. This one you may be able to do on your own, depending on how heavy your outdoor furniture is. Make sure to take in as much of your furniture as you can — especially your cushions.

When it comes to landscaping preparation for winter, it’s really about starting in the fall. You could potentially damage your yard and its accoutrements if you wait until the actual winter for landscaping issues. By obtaining the services of a licensed NJ landscape architect you’re better preparing your outdoor living spaces to make it through the winter. That means less money and time spent in the spring fixing anything that may have broken, discolored or died. So when it comes to winter landscaping preparation, there’s not time like the present to get things going.