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As temperatures rise, our minds usually turn to enjoying the weather, but the same can be said if as it gets cooler if you have a beautiful backyard design. Blooming flowers and the smell of food cooked in your own outdoor kitchen can lure you out to your porch or patio with friends and family all year long. Isn’t it time to live your best life with an incredible landscape architecture?

Create a Landscape Plan with These 7 Tips

1. Think about your purpose
What’s your ideal landscape plan? How will your outdoor space and how will it be used?

  • Do you host parties or get-togethers?
  • Do you often have guests over to entertain?
  • Do you want a quiet space to relax and unwind?
  • Does your space require electronics, and other functional hardware elements?

2. Consider layout
When working with a backyard design firm, lean on their expertise. They’ll help you plan by approaching your project with the same approach that comes with creating a new floor plan of a house. Each outdoor space should have a logical and functional connection to the inside of your home, like locating the outdoor dining area near the kitchen. Perhaps you can even build an outdoor kitchen to make your cooking and dining easier than ever.

3. Take in your surroundings
Make the most of what your property has to offer in terms of the views and privacy. Create a small sitting area to morning coffee while watching the sunrise or a separate pergola for hors d’oeuvres and drinks at sunset. Use hedges or screens to block out unsightly areas. Look beyond the boundaries of a property to determine how your landscape plan fits into its surrounding environment.

4. Be aware of nature’s elements 
The direction your backyard faces can define its functionality. You may have to consider whether spaces are usable depending on weather, wind, sun and other factors that affect function and comfort. The last thing you want is to build a fire pit with seating that’s downwind or design a lovely outdoor dining space in a wind trap. And if one area gets a lot of afternoon or late sun, you’ll want to provide shade for comfort.

5. Handling hardscaping
When it comes to landscape architecture, hardscape elements are a must. Consider using a combination of surfaces, with a portion of the ground soft and inviting, and other areas with appropriate amounts of hard surfaces for seating and other furniture. Incorporate natural elements along with flagstone, wood decking, pavers or decomposed granite.

6. Furnish functionally
Your choice of outdoor furniture will depend on the use of the space. To live your best life, you’ll most likely be spending time dining, relaxing and entertaining, so select furniture that’s comfortable, weather resistant and washable. You can find a variety of colors and patterns to bring your interior style outside. Small movable tables for cocktails and snacks are perfect for any type of event.

7. Create ambiance
Make your outdoor space a true extension of your home by incorporating lighting in your backyard design. Create visual interest by up-lighting trees or fencing farther out in the yard. For safety, add lighting to stairs and pathways. You can even illuminate outdoor cooking areas for meal prepping. Extend your outdoor entertaining season by creating a firepit or outdoor fireplace with cozy seating.

Investing in your backyard with the help of a landscape architecture expert is something you’ll never regret. Not only will you be able to spend in your outdoor space longer, you’ll also increase your home value if you ever decide to leave (but with your new landscaping, we have a feeling you never will!).