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Is there anything more sophisticated or more beautiful than natural stone paving? How about natural stone paving using one of the Earth’s most majestic building materials – the Bluestone. Bluestone pavers add depth and style to traditional and modern homes alike, as well as to commercial building spaces as curbs and bordering topiaries. From recreating your own version of Stone Henge at your office to a Bluestone patio at home in NJ, these gorgeous sandstones are perfect in any setting.

So how can you add Bluestone to a new – or existing – landscape design? It’s easy!

Bluestone Patio: A Bluestone patio is as sturdy as it is sumptuous. Natural stone paving in a patio also increases the value of your home, and adds class to any design. As an added bonus, Bluestone comes from quarries right here in the United States, so installing a Bluestone patio means helping the American worker. Like any natural stone work, a Bluestone patio in NJ is best installed by professionals to ensure it stays level, which helps ensure its longevity.

Bluestone Pavers: If you’re looking to create a new walkway or refurbish an existing one, Bluestone pavers are a good option. Their unique color adds a pop of vibrancy to gravel or paved walkways. Bluestone pavers also mix well with brick, so they complement brick patios and outdoor BBQ areas perfectly.

Bluestone Steps: Whether you have a sloping yard, a raised deck or minimal space to work within, Bluestone steps are perfect for your project. When it comes to natural stone paving in a yard, Bluestone steps really draw attention. They’re durable enough to ensure you make it safely up and down every time.

Bluestone Walls: A great way to work Bluestone into your landscape is through a stone wall. If you don’t want natural stone paving all over your yard, then using Bluestone to line a walkway or define your existing landscape is a terrific idea. These natural stones can be purchased in varying sizes, adding depth and dimension to your landscaping design.

Bluestone Accents: Another wonderful way to add color to your landscape is by accenting it with Bluestone. For those with less space – and for whom extensive natural stone paving is not an option – Bluestone accents such as small boulders or tree gravel are more budget-friendly, and are better options for any DIY home owner.

Natural Stone Paving with Bluestone

Nothing inspires a timeless look like natural stone paving. A trained, highly experienced landscaper knows the difference that well-placed Bluestone can make in any design, so make sure you do your homework before hiring a landscape designer to consult on your natural stone paving project. It’s important to remember, too, that all natural stones need some TLC, so we recommend that you seal your Bluestones to keep them looking as beautiful as they did on the day they were installed. Nothing beats a beautifully landscaped home or commercial building, so when you’re ready to move forward with your landscape design project, remember all you’ve learned about the aesthetic value of natural bluestone pavers.